Meghan Bergman Ceramics

Handcrafted pottery and ceramic sculptures inspired by nature.

Meghan Creates new Ceramic Work in Denmark

This month Meghan Bergman traveled to Denmark to participate in a ceramics workshop and spend the week in the studio to create ceramic work in Tolne, Denmark.

The “Print on Clay Workshop” on July 12 – 13 was hosted by fellow ceramic artists and friends Gregory Hamilton Miller and Janne Hieck at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard and featured artists Leman Kalay and Dale Huffman.

During the week, Meghan spent lots of time in the studio creating a few salt fired mugs, several fish mugs, and a large barnacle sculpture that will be wood fired.

Several mugs were fired in the salt kiln and are featured below in the slideshow.

Photos of ceramic work from Denmark trip