Meghan Bergman Ceramics

Handcrafted pottery and ceramic sculptures inspired by nature.


Ceramic teapots, platters, and serving ware Perfect for the holidays, parties, happy hour, and sturdy enough for every day use, the collection of ceramic teapots, platters, and serving ware is great for serving up your favorite foods and drinks. Each piece was hand made by Meghan Bergman to take on a unique personality — its own unique feel, purpose, and design.  If you are looking to buyRead more …#Serve


Ceramic bonsai pots The Land Meets the Sea in these ceramic bonsai pots (pronounced “bone”-”sigh”) individually crafted by Meghan Bergman. There is a real life continuation of nature in every bonsai piece.  Life appears to grow on the surface of each piece through barnacles.  Just add your choice of a bonsai or another plant, and life continues to grow from the inside of theRead more …#Plant


Ceramic mugs, cups, and drink ware Art in your hand. There is something uniquely special about the connection we have with our favorite ceramic mugs, cups, and other drink ware. Grab your favorite mug for your morning coffee, a cup for iced tea, juice, or lemonade, or perhaps a few essentials for cocktail hour. Each piece was hand made by Meghan Bergman to take onRead more …#Drink


Ceramic barnacle sculptures and other pieces to admire A true showpiece you will admire for years to come. Below is a selection of hand picked ceramic barnacle sculptures and functional ceramic work from Meghan Bergman Ceramics that will be a fine accent or even focal point in your home or business. Organic objects and underwater life inspire me. I enjoy bringing the extreme textureRead more …#Admire