Ceramic Planters & Pots | Geometric Planter Pot (Circles)
Ceramic Planters & Pots | Geometric Planter Pot (Circles)
Ceramic Planters & Pots | Geometric Planter Pot (Circles)
Ceramic Planters & Pots | Geometric Planter Pot (Circles)

Ceramic Planters & Pots | Geometric Planter Pot (Circles)

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Handcrafted "Geometric Planter Pots (Circles)" from Meghan Bergman Ceramics. Hand thrown, with white stoneware and underglaze, fired in an electric kiln.

When you want to bring a fun contemporary / minimalist vibe to your home, office, or beach house, this nature inspired ceramic planter will make a fine focal point or accent in your home decor. This series explores geometric shapes commonly found in nature.

(6.5"L x 6.5"W x 5.55"H) . Inside is 6" at the opening and best suited for indoor plants only.

#Plant is a collection of bonsai and planter pots from Meghan Bergman Ceramics that feature textures and colors inspired by organic shapes, trees, plants, shells, and coral.


Each planter pot is both beautiful and functional. This handmade pottery starts as a single ball of clay, and is thrown on the potter's wheel. Finishing touches are added, and the piece was smoothed and the bottom cut flat and trimmed.

After drying, the piece is bisque fired, then underglaze is applied and layered, and the piece is fired a second time in the kiln to transform into a final work of art.


Each purchase supports a proud small business owner! Treat yourself to handmade ceramics, or find the perfect gift.


The time I need to prepare an order for shipping is 1-2 business days. Orders received by 10pm EST are typically sent out the next business day for pickup by the shipping carrier. 


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📰  Press  

 “Meghan Bergman's ceramics are a feast for the eye. Inventive and innovative, her handcrafted pottery and ceramic sculptures are inspired by the world around us… Each one is a study in beauty and begs a closer look.” (Crave Magazine)

"The fascinating textural qualities and details of her forms draw you in and make you want to touch them. They are quirky and cool, and seem to come from a world under the sea. The more you look at them, the more you see her care and attention to each element of the forms." (Unionville Times)

I want you to love your handcrafted ceramics, and aim for 5 stars every-time.  


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Wonderful and unique creation! Very beautiful and makes the most interesting vessel for a tropical cocktail! Love your work!


I’ve purchased four mugs from this artist. They are absolutely gorgeous, and I get compliments on them from all my guests who see them!