The Process

Handcrafted Ceramic Art

All pottery is handmade in my studio and starts as a single ball of clay. I use several different methods to create ceramics, forming by hand, throwing on the wheel, or using a slab roller.

After drying, each piece is carefully loaded into the kiln and is bisque fired, then carefully layered with a combination of glazes or oxides. Some pieces feature sea glass, and the piece is stilted on its side in the kiln for the sea glass to melt and drip in the second glaze firing to transform into a final work of art.

Small Details Make a Big Difference

The beauty of pottery is that there are tiny details that as a potter I will add to each piece to form the clay and give it personality. When I throw on the pottery wheel, after centering the clay and pulling up the clay, I'm thinking about the function or purpose of the vessel: if I push with my outside hand the piece will be taller like a cup or vase, and if I push more with my inside hand the piece will be wider like a bowl. 

I tend to sketch out what I envision a piece to look like, but throughout the creative process will experiment and add personality to make each handcrafted ceramic piece a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

Behind the Scenes

See How I Throw Ceramic Mugs

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Behind the Scenes

Handmade Barnacle Cups

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How It's Made

Barnacle Cups

Each ceramic barnacle cup is hand-built. Texture is added and the foot is created. 

Next, each barnacle is meticulously handmade and attached to the piece, inspired by underwater life and is ready to #admire from every angle. 

Finishing touches are added, with shells attached to the face of the piece. Gentle curves around each barnacle also serve as a function to catch the drippy glazes.

Cups, Mugs, Steins

Each ceramic cup, mug, and stein has a story to hold as art in your hand. This handmade pottery starts as a single ball of clay, and is thrown on the potter's wheel. 

Finishing touches are added and are inspired by nature. 

Gentle curves around the foot mimic the movement of the ocean or a stingray, and serve as a function to catch the drippy glazes.

Wall Art & Sculptures

Each piece is meticulously handmade, inspired by under water life and is ready to #admire from every angle. 

Dozens of individual barnacles, shells, and texture bring each piece to life life as they were individually attached to the ceramic base. 

Ceramic Barnacle sculptures range from ceramic wall tiles, small vases, and large sculptures as big as my kiln (over 24" tall). 

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